Firms Must Be Agile in Utilizing Systems to Write Crime Business Efficiently

Providing clients with fast and accurate crime rating services is something that insurance carriers, managing general agents (MGAs), and program administrators know is a key part of their commercial lines business. Whether they rate on an Insurance Services Office (ISO) basis or produce carrier-specific data, the information they gather must be delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner. To accomplish this, many firms will turn to a provider that offers systems that perform these functions and integrate with the firms’ own software platforms.

Well-constructed modules have all manner of flexible components that mix and match with a firm’s capabilities as needed, typically supporting multi-state policies. They can synthesize many aspects of ISO data, including classification lookup as well as territory look-up on the basis of city and county or ZIP code. The crime policies these modules help process are a critical part of a commercial insurance package, and with good reason. Look what business across the nation are facing today:

Some sobering statistics

  • The types of businesses that are most likely to be held up are those that criminals believe (quite rightly) will typically have a lot of cash on hand-such as banks, grocery stores, jewelry stores, liquor and convenience stores, and furriers. Thieves often target gun shops as well, not only for the cash but also the opportunity to steal guns and ammunition as well that they can use to arm themselves.
  • Nearly 40 percent of the time, criminals use a gun while committing a robbery.
  • In most cases, burglars wait until companies are not open for regular business (e.g., late at night, weekends, and holidays) before they break in.
  • Studies find that most of the time, criminals gain entry through doors, although 6 percent go through windows, 3 percent gain access to a firm through the roof, and just 1 percent go through walls to break in.
  • A burglary occurs every 12 seconds in the U.S., resulting in more than 3 billion dollars in losses each year.

Systems help with producing policies to cover businesses

Crime rating (either standalone or combined with commercial property policies) for commercial lines programs can be easy for one’s firm to produce; all it takes is the right system. Savvy MGAs, program administrators, and carriers alike should contact a quality provider that has the kind of module that is agile enough, and flexible enough to provide lightning-fast processing for each phase of the policy lifecycle. Contact an experienced system provider today to learn more.

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