Building Successful Insurance Agent Websites

Insurance agents need to understand that potential clients require certain information to make sure they’re making the right decision about working with a particular agency. In marketing, information serves as a way to enable conversion. Remember that these people are putting their trust in a company that pertains to their lives, homes, and health.

Agencies invest time and money in a website and they want it to have an effective marketing strategy. Therefore there is a need for certain key elements that allows the visitors know all about the company and how they work, displayed prominently and visibly and made easily accessible. By ignoring these important factors, the agency may run the risk of turning potential clients away.

Successful insurance agent websites generally follow certain criteria. A good understanding of these criteria will enable the developer to create a viable site. A really good website creator can provide the services necessary to fulfill the desired results. Here is a list of things that all websites involved in selling products or services should strive for. The web developer should concentrate on the following aspects in order to achieve the desired results:


The agency wants people to come to their website and either submit their contact information, or contact the company via telephone. The easier it is for them to do so, the better the results. In either case, this will generate interest in the products and services being provided, putting the agent in a position to make a sale.

Increased sales

The web developer can increase sales by creating authority and authenticity online for the agency through a well-designed insurance website, optimizing the website for search engines, thereby driving traffic to the site. This requires a working knowledge of search engine optimization.

Improved retention

Furthermore he/she will improve customer retention by integrating social media with the website, creating a mobile-friendly website and providing easily accessible customer service forms. Links to company profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social sites will generally increase traffic to their own website.

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